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Kamil Star

I wanted you to know that I had the closest relationship with this horse - it transcended more that what I can describe.  He didn't like many people, but we worked things out, we had an understanding about things and we became best friends. He was brave, careful, rarely stumbled, wonderful in the dark, intuitive, knew where the trails were, I rarely had to tell him where to go, he just knew, had the most wonderful trot and the best work ethic of any horse I have ever been around. He didn't really care about other horses either, if we rode with them that was okay if we didn't that was okay too. I felt safe on him - that I could ride alone even in the blasting Nevada wind.  And he was beautiful, just as an added feature.

As you may know, his nick name was "Newton".  Dr. Marcia Smith gave him that name, because of his incredible intelligence and intuition. She was to ride him at Tevis this year, as I was not up to the task.  She told me she knew he would have won the ride, he was so so ready.  I knew it too.
Thank you for breeding the animals that you do and for letting me share my life with Newt, no amount of money could ever buy what we had. Non-horse people cannot understand what a loss this is to me.  It's like the loss of a child. My heart has been ripped out.  Its so unfair.

If I didn't have two young home bred horses that need to be started, I would not ever ride again.  
From the first minute that he looked at me with those big expressive eyes, I will be grateful for the time we had.  He was the very finest, he was a world class animal.

Thank you again,

Louise Smith-Egstrom